attention to details

Amazing projects come out the doors of our shop. Much more than just dog homes.

“We both appreciate your careful attention to detail, and the time that you spent with us discussing the various design possibilities for our new master suite.”
– J. M.

We have the capability to do architectural and restoration millwork on the fly. We can begin fabrication of custom sized cabinetry and casework the moment the final size and style has been determined in the field. We can have cutters for our machines custom made in a day to make a one of a kind molding or to reproduce a detail used by carpenters a hundred years ago. This makes us uniquely skilled and qualified to deal with items in-house at the highest level of quality and sometimes without so much as a bump in the project schedule. We keep many wood species and panel product in stock to avoid costs and delays. These lumber products are purchased from top level vendors who deal only with shops and lumber yards. This buying power allows us to provide our clients with the best quality hardwoods at a much better value than other full service builders or remodelers are able to offer.

Another amazing value in quality and price for our clients is that our exterior and interior millwork can leave the building prime painted if not finished entirely. This means raw wood never sees adversity. It enters its new hostile environment protected from day one. We frequently take delivery of exterior wood products at our shop where it can be finished in a shop environment and sent to the job ready to go. We believe strongly in this and while it does increase initial costs to a degree, it is more than made up for in longevity. Obsessing over the years about treating end grains and back painting boards has meant that any complaints from clients about weathering or wear have been replaced by complaints from our painters that "nobody does that". Actually the painters now know "the Tovey way" and step up to the plate without being asked.

Before Image of Staircase After Image of Staircase

Balustrade fabrication and custom handrail profile produced in Tovey shop.