featured project: New priority becomes latest Success.

This wonderful couple didn't worry much about the house as they focused on their number one priority, being good parents and getting their children through college. That goal a success it was time to get the nice old house up to today's standards of comfort and convenience. This bright and efficient kitchen, now open to the dining area, and accessed by a renovated entry and powder room, was part of that effort, their latest big success.

As the project progressed any apprehension turned to optimism. "Exciting is right! I am in awe at the stages unfolding and the planning it must take."

New hardwood flooring was installed and finished to match original adjacent wood floors. Original windows remaining were restored. Granite was meticulously laid out and carefully cut to allow pattern to flow into the room. Electrical service was updated. A matching radiator was acquired and restored to heat the room and the homes boiler and hot water were updated to state of the art, super efficient and comfortable equipment.

A note from our clients whom we enjoyed so much: "Our son came from Michigan and, of course, loved the transformation. We are so happy with your work. Enjoying it every day!"

And one from their good friend, our past client: "I heard that Jane's kitchen came out great! She called us to thank us for recommending you!"

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