why we’re green

Why wouldn’t we be?

If we can provide a house that makes our clients more comfortable, healthier, improves their lifestyle, protects our environment, uses less natural resources and provides a return on their investment with savings on utilities every month, why wouldn’t we?

This approach isn’t new to us, not a fad, not marketing.  GREEN is a relatively new buzzword but not a new principal.  We have always used the practices which make a home “green.”

Utilizing site attributes and proper orientation of structures allows for better views, better use of natural light, more resistance to the elements, lower costs of site improvements and less expense monthly in maintenance and utility bills.

Promoting engineered systems which provide more stable, strong, and quiet structures while wasting very little of the lumber harvested.  These systems can cost less than conventional methods.

Promoting high efficiency in heating, cooling, and ventilation.  Products are available that save our clients money at the same time they provide the highest level of comfort.  When we match these products to our clients needs we have improved their lifestyle from the moment they move in.  We have put the systems in place to save them money every hour of use.  And the value of their home has increased.

Building envelope knowledge can provide the longest life of materials, the most comfort, the best appearance, and substantial energy cost savings.  The right insulation in the right amount for a specific house will mean the most comfort and the fastest return on the investment.  There is not one right answer for all houses.  There is one right answer for each house.

Gold Level Green

Certified Green Professional

Jay Tovey was one of the first builders in the country to receive designation as a Certified Green Professional.