working together

If you have heard about us and feel that our company may be a good match for your business then we should talk.  There may be a time we can work together.  Start with an email which is our preferred method of communication.

Our projects are the place to demonstrate talent and efficiency.  Talent is the reason there will be a “next job” and Efficiency is important because we need to provide value to our clients.

A few things about us:

  • You will not find a builder or GC that is more fair, or more demanding.
  • We are teammates with our trade partners but we are our client’s advocate.
  • There frequently is flexibility in scheduling with communication.  This is a two way street.
  • We are eager to cooperate.  We want our goals to be common goals, namely customer satisfaction and a fair profit.
  • We can not tolerate any corner being cut.  There is a right way for everything.  If it isn’t specified then it is common sense or customer preference.  Please pass it by us.
  • Every change in specification, product, or location must go through us.
  • We prefer to do as much business as possible electronically.  Fast, accurate, efficient exchange of selections, estimates, and invoices.
  • We pay promptly, probably faster than you are used to.  We know what it is like trying to make a small business work.
  • We demand honesty and will reciprocate.
  • If you send employees to perform the work, they must be skilled in such work and be able to communicate and represent you in a professional manner.  Helpers learning by doing because the owner or foreman of the trade isn’t available will not be acceptable.  Our job is not your classroom.
  • We will notice and appreciate all efforts above and beyond the normal scope of work especially as it pertains to customer service, and try to reward it any way we can!  This is what we do and why we have the quality of work and clientele that we have.