additions & renovations

“I must say that you have really nice guys working for you.  You are quite the team — everyone cares!”
– Carol E.

In every addition we build, and home we renovate, we are the customer’s advocate.

What you can expect from us renovating your home:

Expect everything you need.

We can tell you in the first conceptual walk through what is feasible and practical.  We can do preliminary designs and budgets to arm you with knowledge for your decision making.  Then we can design it to meet your needs and budget.

Expert guidance through the entire process.

We have been doing this for decades and know what to expect in one of the most challenging branches of construction.  We are old house experts.  You will receive enough education to understand what you and your house will go through during the transformation.  This information will help you survive if not enjoy the construction process.

The best possible structural, mechanical, and building envelope detailing for your house from a builder uniquely qualified to detail it and deliver it.

“The basement looks amazing. We’ve already had a family & friends poker tournament and my son had a sleep over. The space is great and will be tons of fun in the future. Thanks to you and all your men for not only a great new living space but also for their courtesy, timeliness and respect they showed to me and my family.”
– Rita A.

Flexibility in design and selections.

We will offer suggestions on practical layouts, as well as the products we feel best match the style of the house, provide the best value, and meet your needs.  We use the internet heavily for real time viewing of products and specifications.  You will have control of your final selections.  If you enjoy the shopping we can point you in the right direction.  If time is an issue in your daily schedule we will have all samples brought to you for approval.  You will find our vender partners extremely knowledgeable, and helpful.  We all want you to enjoy this process.

Talented trade contractors, well coordinated and functioning as a team.

Our renovation partners in the trades have been selected because of their ability to perform their skill efficiently while adapting to new challenges in every unique older home.  We are problem solvers.  We have trade specialists who know how to work on old houses and respect the needs of the people who will be living through the work.  We coordinate, oversee and support this workforce.  We are constantly affirming that our client’s best interest is at the forefront.

Every effort put forth to protect your family, your belongings, and your house.

This is the biggest challenge and where many remodelers fail.  Construction sites can be both dangerous and messy.  One can actually lead to the other.  We believe in safety first and we take every practical step available to us to minimize the dust and disruption to your home while we renovate it.  From our team you will see a level of genuine concern for you and your property that may surprise you.

We will strive to minimize the intrusion and inconvenience while providing the best value.  That balance defines the success of most renovations.

Walk through the process on a recently completed addition.


“The porch looks amazing!!! Your guys did an awesome job!”
– B. C.

Before Image of Porch After Image of Porch After Image of Porch

Crawl space was rebuilt, foam insulation, heated floors, high performance windows with built in shades. The dark and drafty, former 3 season porch, is now the most used and enjoyed room in the house.

After Image of Bedroom After Image of Shower After Image of Vanity

Universal Design in a 1st floor Master Suite addition.

Gallery Bathroom After Image of Gallery

Art gallery and custom bathroom emerge from basement conversion to living space.

Before Image After Image

We plan to feature this nice sunroom / Laundry addition in the future. Can we notify you when we do?

“This is so fun! You are going to make this such nice space for us - thank you.”
– A. F.

Before Image of Basement Renovation After Image of Basement Renovation

Before and after images of basement.  The family needed good storage and a fun space for the family.  Orange Crush for the happy Bronco's Fan.

Before Image of Basement Reconstruction After Image of Basement Reconstruction

Before and after images of basement.  Client wanted a tasteful billiards room in the basement.  All materials including faux ceiling were chosen for warmth.


Exterior Image of Addition Before Image of Addition After Image of Addition

Progress pictures show energy efficient addition to South facing elevation of contemporary home.

After Image of Bathroom After Image of Kitchen

This home addition features an Open Plan as expanded kitchen opens into new Great Room. Shop built custom cabinets complete renovated master bath on 2nd floor.

Before Image After Image

This house project will be featured in a future website update. Click here to be notified.

“Thank you to you and your teams for doing such a great job on our new addition. Everything looks great and it's good to know that, just as you suggested from the beginning, you deliver more than you promise! Thanks again!”
– Fritz S.

Before Image of House Framing During Image of House Framing After Image of House Framing

Before, during and after images of house addition.  Needed a small addition to perfect a kitchen renovation, this provided opportunity to change the roof lines and better define the entry.

“It is so nice to have found a honest contractor and trade partners, and words will never accurately convey my appreciation. Again, thanks for all your advice.”
– Nate

Before Image of House Addition During Image of House Addition

Before and after images of house addition.  New master suite and laundry on the second floor.  Enlarged family room on first floor.

“We are very happy and thrilled with the work as Tovey Co. customers. Mike is amazing, and Dave from the flooring company is a true craftsman and importantly, both are very nice guys”
– Doug W.

Before Image of House Framing After Image of House Framing

Before and after images of house addition.  Front view shows expanded garage with new addition above.

“Thanks for doing an outstanding job making our design look great! Always nice to hear a happy owner at the end.”
– Sean M. AIA

Before Image of Addition During Image of Addition After Image of Addition

Before, during and after images of addition.  Family wanted to update the 3rd floor and add a bath.  The dormer addition was finished on exterior as the drywall was loaded.

Before Image of Addition After Image of Addition

During and after images of addition.  Second floor addition provides suite for Grandparents to join the household.